active sourcing

Use Active Sourcing at your online event for maximum interactivity

    active sourcing

    An important part of trade fairs and events is the direct communication and interactivity between visitors and exhibitors. Exhibitors can actively address interested parties visiting a stand and respond to their concerns and needs. This possibility is often denied at online events.

    Consultants and exhibitors wait in digital meeting rooms for a visitor to actively decide to start a conversation. Thus, you miss many potential interested parties who are not yet convinced enough to enter a meeting room on their own.

    Active Sourcing with Vystem makes it possible to take advantage of these options online. At Vystem Events, visitors can initially declare their willingness to be actively approached by exhibitors. If this function is activated, a consultant can approach a visitor and involve him or her in a conversation that the visitor might not have initiated on their own initiative.

    The result is a level of interactivity between exhibitors and visitors that has never been seen before at online events and is otherwise only known from offline events.

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