Tracking, Analytics & Leads

With the help of our tracking & analytics tool, you know exactly how successful individual elements of your event were and which content your visitors interacted with the most. This way you can collect important KPIs and visitor data in no time!

Tracking, Analytics & Leads

For all your events

Event tracking

Profit from the online world and its data streams and use them for yourself. As an organiser, you have the opportunity to take common tracking measures at vystem and record KPIs that are relevant to you.

Analytics and reporting

Evaluate the success based on precise key figures - thanks to analytics and reporting, you can view the exact data and statistics for your event at vystem .

Contacts & Leads

All contact details of visitors who have shared their data with exhibitors can be found in the personal exhibitor area, incl. meeting notes as a csv. file for download. File for download.


Event KPIs & visitor data for exhibitors and organisers


Get a precise overview of the exact number of registered and actual visitors. The distribution of participants over the total duration of the event can also be viewed with this key figure.

Dwell time

How long did guests stay at your event on average? Statistics on the length of stay and their distribution over the various event days can be easily viewed after your event.

Page analysis

Evaluate the success of your modules using accurate data on the time spent by your visitors in specific areas and lecture rooms.

Call duration

How extensively was the offer of 1:1 conversations used? View the average duration of the conversation, as well as the length of the longest and shortest interaction, to get an accurate picture.


How successful were you in connecting with your guests? Get insights into the number of talks, streams and content your participants consumed, analyse the questions sent in and assess the figures on contact data generated.

You want a more detailed overview of the functions of the Tracking Module? Then take a look at our module PDF.

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