Hybrid Events

With our professional partners, we make it possible for you to broadcast from your own television studio, Europe-wide, within a very short time. No matter if webinar or multinational conference. 

Hybrid events combine the best of local and digital

The mixture of local and digital event provides an impressive experience 

  • Local components

    • Transmission from local TV studio
    • Professional equipment Europe-wide
    • Event character for local participants
  • Hybrid Components

    • Interaction between local and digital participants
    • Contact data exchange via Vystem Connect
    • Local & digital guest management
  • Digital components

    • Freely designable event surface
    • 1:1 discussions, lectures and workshops
    • Chats, surveys and feedback

From the idea to the event

We accompany you in the process from your first idea, through the technical & digital planning to the live support and direction on the day of the event. 

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Studio in the big city or directly in your company

Use one of our local studios in various major European cities, or even your own location.

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Now get going!

Let us start planning your event today!