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You plan events and the following topics cause you headaches


Classic tools don't offer you enough opportunities to interact with the audience and actively involve them in the event?

Custom Design

The design of events, templates and e-mail communication is not available or involves additional costs and effort?


Your efforts on topics such as data protection, DSGVO, server location and security for your content make the planning and implementation of your events difficult?


Would you like to use a free framework for your events for a certain number of visitors and put the software and its functions through their paces?

Your opportunities for free events with vystem

Free access to the platform
Up to 100 participants per event
Event duration of up to 2 hours
Use of the Livestream Player including hosting
Host as many events as you like

Overview of all your participants

Keep track of the comings and goings at your event with the guest management module. Our tools help you with registration processes, participant lists and check-in and check-out.

Individual event design

With just a few clicks, you can give your event a unique look. The Page Builder allows you to individually define the design, content and structure of your event pages and adapt them to your wishes.

Engagement with your visitors

Make your events interactive and use our polls, Q&As, challenges and many other features to increase the engagement of your visitors.

"We had people from all over, from different backgrounds, from different countries. That's already a huge advantage, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship!"
Florian Pircher - Head Organizer, Entrepreneurship Avenue
"Looking back, I am of course super satisfied. The team at vystem was simply outstanding! I felt in super hands at all times and they really tried everything to make our numerous wishes possible."
Natalie Blum - Project Manager, Forum Film
"Even though we wanted something completely new, we got development time from vystem , so to speak. I don't think any other platform has guaranteed us that.
Marcel Gayk - Symposium Oeconomicum
"A huge plus was that we had a team that reacted flexibly to our wishes. They really accepted our feedback very openly and also made improvements to the system - in part really during the process."
Juliane Müller - Project and Event Manager, DEMA
"In the meantime, we have grown out of our infancy. I'd say we're a bit more detail-oriented now and you can devote more attention to subtleties and little things, whether it's visuals or design, or that you're redeveloping or developing any features."
Sarah Zuleger - Project Manager, Stuzubi

Your advantages with our Sprinter Package

No costs

Use our Sprinter package free of charge and test all the features it contains to the full extent. You can upgrade your package at any time.

As often as you like

Host as many events as you like - no matter what format. Whether digital, hybrid or simply guest management for your presence event.

All-round support

During your event, we will be at your side with our live chat support. For detailed questions, you can optionally use our onboarding.

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