Application areas

It has never been easier to flexibly organise events of all kinds! Whether digital, hybrid or simply guest management for your presence event. With vystem you always have the right tool for all your event formats.

Full event control

Whether online, hybrid or virtual, with vystem you benefit from an event suite for all your events. The full overview of your visitors - from registration to check-out - is included: Offer modern log-in options via QR code and individual links, create exclusive participant lists, store participant profiles and use the diverse guest management options depending on the area of application.

Versatile possibilities

Application examples with vystem

Digital Events

Design your online event the way you like it: professional, wide-reaching and above all: unique. Reach participants from all over the world and at any time! With digital events, there are no limits to your imagination.
Whether you want to track your leads with helpful tools or it's always been your dream to present from the ISS using green screen: We help you to fulfil your wishes. From planning to technical implementation, vystem accompanies you on the entire journey!
Virtual events have long since ceased to be a stopgap solution and have become an integral part of many companies' event plans. They can be designed individually and there are no limits to creativity.
Whether from home, the office or mobile - participation is possible at any time. Virtual networking is in no way inferior to traditional networking: With an intuitive communication platform, vystem creates the ideal framework for a lively exchange among participants.

Hybrid events

Together with competent partners, we broadcast your live event to the whole world. At least, if that's what you want! What is the benefit for you? We expand your target group and make your success measurable - without much extra effort...
Combine the terrific advantages of physical and digital events. Like tailoring a bespoke suit, our compact all-in-one event suite vystem accompanies you from start to finish.
The atmosphere of a live event with the technical sophistication of a digital event - hybrid events offer the best of both worlds and are thus true all-rounders.
Take advantage of the technical benefits of the digital world without having to forego the charm of physical events!


Broadcast your content to the whole world! Livestreams offer you the ideal platform to reach a large number of interested parties. At the same time, it has never been easier to get in touch with your audience directly.
Live chat, Q&A and a live poll give you direct feedback and let your audience participate directly in your livestream.
Be there in real time hundreds of kilometres away - with livestreams you can reach your audience in a completely new way. Your participants can follow your event from almost anywhere, regardless of location.
Livestreams have established themselves as a communication medium. For years, for example, Apple has used its keynote to announce the latest devices. Other companies, in turn, use this platform to publish their forecasts for the next business year or invite distinguished guests to discussion panels.

Offline Events

Trade fairs, workshops and other events score points above all with their atmosphere. Live events offer their visitors a unique experience. But even before the event, you have to coordinate your guests and manage everything to ensure that everything runs smoothly.
The digital guest management of vystem. Here you can integrate external ticket providers or handle sales directly via vystem . The access codes of the participants can be easily scanned via the app and, depending on the applicable requirements, health certificates can be uploaded and contact tracing can be operated.

Endless customisation, simple application, one platform!

No matter what your event should look like, we make it possible for you. The All-in-One Eventsuite vystem supports you in planning, promoting and realising your events.