Guest Management

Whether it's a face-to-face event, a hybrid event or a purely digital version - with vystem you benefit from an event suite for all your events. The full overview of your visitors - from registration to communication to check-out - is all included.

Full event control

Whether online, hybrid or virtual, with vystem you benefit from an event suite for all your events. The full overview of your visitors - from registration to check-out - is included: Offer modern log-in options via QR code and individual links, create exclusive participant lists, store participant profiles and use the diverse guest management options depending on the area of application.

For all event types

Whether digital, offline or hybrid


With the Auto Approve function, all registrations for your event are automatically approved. However, you can also decide to check registrations individually and approve them manually. For different visitor categories, you can also combine both.

Guest list

In addition or in general, you can add a group of participants directly to your event. Use the guest list function and simply import any guest list. Participants no longer have to register for your event, but receive their access link for your event directly.

Customised attributes

Request specific information from potential participants when registering for the event and create the opportunity to contact them later based on this information.

E-mail communication

Via e-mail communication, messages and news can be sent to all registered guests at the click of a button. Keep your participants up to date - and get in touch with them.

User Login

Exhibitors, speakers, partners and active participants will not receive an access link like regular visitors, but their own user login to their personal area or to the event.

Confirmation & Calendar

Stay in mind. After registration, each participant receives a confirmation email with an individual access link - and an integrated calendar entry.

For hybrid and offline events

everything you need for it

Scanner app with check-in/out

Offer your visitors a convenient, contactless check-in. Participants can enter the event via QR code scan - and leave again.

Test Management

Collect and manage all notifications and test certificates required for your event online.

Customisation and white label

Registration form and visitor emails can be customised to the maximum. Use the vystem Page Builder and adapt them to the CI of your event.

Access rules and time slots

Different entry slots? No problem. Visitors can simply be assigned to different time slots. This gives you the opportunity to control visitor flows in a targeted manner.

Contact Tracing

With contact tracing, you keep track of the comings and goings at your event via a central dashboard. Record exactly who was where and when, how long people stayed at your event and with whom they made contact.

You want a more detailed overview of the functions of the guest management module? Then take a look at our module PDF

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No matter what your event should look like, we make it possible for you. The All-in-One Eventsuite vystem supports you in planning, promoting and realising your events.