Engage, inform, inspire - enrich your event with presentations and use numerous features for improved interaction and a lively event experience.

Full event control

Whether online, hybrid or virtual, with vystem you benefit from an event suite for all your events. The full overview of your visitors - from registration to check-out - is included: Offer modern log-in options via QR code and individual links, create exclusive participant lists, store participant profiles and use the diverse guest management options depending on the area of application.


Day slots for speakers


Customise your talk and enrich it directly with presentations by sharing your screen or playing media content such as videos directly.

Q&A and chat

You determine the rules of the game during the lively exchange in the chat or Q&A session. Decide whether questions have to be approved or are public and, in moderated sessions, play out the questions to the moderator via a preview monitor.

Contacts and leads

Lead generation made easy: Contact data can be shared by your visitors or requested by yourself with just one click. All data is then available for download as a CSV file with all the information.

Virtual Studio

Even more media flexibility. Thanks to the virtual studio, you can show your video conference in the live stream, fade in and out other media content or people, or vary the volume.


Allow visitors to view finished presentations on your event page or receive the file of your event recording.

You want a more detailed overview of the functions of the Lectures module? Then take a look at our module PDF.

Endless customisation, simple application, one platform!

No matter what your event should look like, we make it possible for you. The All-in-One Eventsuite vystem supports you in planning, promoting and realising your events.