Tools, Add-ons & Integrations

Your vystem platform is not only tailored exactly to your needs - it can also be expanded as you wish. From visitor challenges to photo booths, choose from our range of exciting tools and integrate your favourite external programmes for interaction, communication and automation directly into your event.

Full event control

Whether online, hybrid or virtual, with vystem you benefit from an event suite for all your events. The full overview of your visitors - from registration to check-out - is included: Offer modern log-in options via QR code and individual links, create exclusive participant lists, store participant profiles and use the diverse guest management options depending on the area of application.

Tools, Add-ons & Integrations

For all your events


Increase the gamification factor and enrich your event with challenges. At vystem , you don't need a separate application for this, but can easily integrate competitions into your event. Your participants' personal progress is then displayed directly on their profile and participants can qualify for benefits.

Photo box

Increase interaction and create a personal event experience online. With the photo box, your guests can upload pictures or take them directly and record their participation in your event. As a host, combine them into a photo wall and create a unique event souvenir.

Visitor surveys

You also want to use your event for self-optimisation? No problem with the vystem Feedback Editor. Create visitor surveys that are adapted to your goals and share them with your guests during or after your event. This gives you an accurate picture of how well your event was received.

Event direction

Keep all the strings in your hand and communicate with participants and exhibitors before and during your event. With the help of pop-up messages, components that can be easily integrated and numerous other functions, you can control the event at any time.

Live Event Notification

Tell your visitors everything they need to know right away. The Live Event Notifications offer you a direct communication channel to every participant who is currently logged into your event.

active sourcing

Turn the communication tables! With the help of the visitor approach tool, your exhibitors no longer have to wait until some of the event guests seek out the conversation. You now have the opportunity to proactively approach visitors and get them excited about your cause.

External integrations

For all your events

Guest Management

Integrate popular ticketing and sales providers such as Eventbrite or Mate into your vystem platform and simplify the registration process for your guests - and for you as the organiser.

Registration & Log-In

Make logging in and registering at your event even easier and integrate the option of registering via social media profiles such as LinkedIn or Facebook.


You want to increase interaction and communication at your event but use an external provider? Softwares like slido and Kahoot! can be easily integrated into your vystem event.


Don't just keep your event live via your platform. With the easy integration of streaming platforms (YouTube, iframe, vimeo, 3Q) you can share it with the whole world at the same time - or after the event has ended.


Choose the meeting platform your guests are most familiar with and make conversations via Zoom, GoToMeeting, Teams or Google Meet an integral part of your vystem event.


Do you have other wishes? Do you want to automate processes via Zapier or collect marketing metrics with Hubspot? No problem. With a few clicks, they can be integrated into the platform so that your event really meets your wishes in every respect.

You want a more detailed overview of the tools & integrations in vystem? Then take a look at our module PDF.

Endless customisation, simple application, one platform!

No matter what your event should look like, we make it possible for you. The All-in-One Eventsuite vystem supports you in planning, promoting and realising your events.