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The team

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If someone had told us at the beginning of 2020 where we would be today, we probably wouldn't have been able to believe it. Back then - shortly before the Corona Pandemic paralysed all parts of the world and banished meetings to the internet for the time being - the idea of organising a digital event came up for the first time in one of our team meetings. Until then, we had actually been working in a slightly different field - one of our main tasks was to build software for vocational training. But while working on career fairs, we realised that a digital event could be a way to reach target groups in a completely new way.

But before we could take a closer look, the pandemic came... and with it the crisis. The crisis for many of our partners whose core business was career events and who were now faced with a general ban on events and thus a huge problem.

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Development to date - Our milestones 

In all the time that has passed since the first ideas, we have of course not been idle. Every new event was a chance for us to develop further. While the focus at the beginning was mainly on 1:1 talks, we soon realised that we wanted to offer more. More components, of course, but also more simplicity, more flexibility and more individuality.

To give our customers full control, we introduced the Event and Administrator Tool, which allows hosts to manage their own events. 

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Current outlook

In order to make it as easy as possible for event organisers to book, create and manage events, we have used the summer months to design a new licensing model with visitor and module quotas based on numerous empirical values. It offers maximum flexibility for all event formats without overburdening organisers with additional costs.

Our website also shines in new splendour and highlights our versatile all-in-one solution with exciting modules & tools, as well as particularly successful customer cases. Our newly defined service packages for customers reflect our experience of the last two years and are equipped with every advantage so that every event organiser can find the right framework for their event. In short, it has never been easier to organise events.

Vision & Goals

An industry in transition. Our vision is to be the digital all-in-one event suite for every format. Whether it's a classic webinar, trade fair, career event, live streaming event or guest management for face-to-face events - with vystem , digital, hybrid and offline events can be created, managed and led to success quickly and flexibly. Our goal for the coming year is 1000 events powered by vystem, 300 new clients and the optimisation of our booking and on-boarding processes.

Our motto

Be an engager - engage your events!

Endless customisation, simple application, one platform!

No matter what your event should look like, we make it possible for you. The All-in-One Eventsuite vystem supports you in planning, promoting and realising your events.